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I am a retired elementary teacher.  Following my early retirement due to some health issues, I wrote a book entitled "Mayberry Reflections the Early Years".  It is a reflective book about each episode of the first four years of the classic TV show "The Andy Griffith Show".

I spend much of my time traveling around west central Wisconsin participating in town festivals, parades, and car shows.  Each summer we participate in up to 40 events.  While taking part in these events I am always dressed in my replica Barney Fife Uniform.  We are always very well received.

I have also developed a power point presentation about my hobby being "The Mayberry Guru".  I visit schools, nursing homes, hospitals, churches, senior centers, and many civic organizations sharing my 45 minute presentation.  I enjoy taking my audiences back to a much simpler and innocent time and place as I share my memories of growing up in a small midwestern community and how I relate my growing up to that of the good folks of Mayberry.

All proceeds from my book sales and presentations are donated to my hometown public library in Dorchester, Wisconsin, where the money is used to purchase children's books.

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